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Have you seen linkinpark   new music video for their song “Final Masquerade?” Well, here it is; enjoy!

Watch the video for Final Masquerade directed by @Mark Pellington on mtv:

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"A behind-the-scenes look at timbalandmusic timbalandofficial from the #Stagelight #commercial we shot last #weekend. #music #DAW

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On set shooting a commercial for #StageLight with @openlabs!

Go and check it out

Go behind the scenes with officialtimbaland for #Stagelight.
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Music Question for Tumblr

Who is creating music this weekend? Let us know what your genre is.

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Open labs releases stagelight 2.0 -

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Stagelight 2.0 Is Available Today. The Latest Version Of The Easy Way To Create Music Brings New Composing Breakthroughs

Artwork for Stagelight 2.0

Today is the day. Open Labs has unveiled Stagelight, version 2.0 for download/purchase. The most inspiring and groundbreaking version of Stagelight to date is available for Windows-using musicians worldwide.  Stagelight’s landmark DAW interface and overall functionality is now more powerful, more intuitive and equipped with a whole host of new, touch-friendly tools, features and sounds. Existing Stagelight users will get the update FREE, and newcomers can have 2.0 on their desktop/laptop/tablet for the famously affordable price of $9.99.

“Stagelight 2.0 is here and is ready for the world to create and play with music,” says Cliff Mountain, President and CEO of Open Labs. “It is our most captivating version of Stagelight so far thanks to our team and the amazing participation and feedback from our community of music enthusiasts all around the globe. Stagelight 2.0 truly delivers on our promise to make music creation and performance accessible to anyone regardless of wealth, education or experience.”

What does Stagelight 2.0 bring to the game? Well, it’s the dawn of a new day in touch screen-powered music creation.

Let’s begin with LoopBuilder, Stagelight’s brand new tool which improves composing ease for even the most established Stagelight musician. LoopBuilder is a loop-style production feature that will allow you to mash up, mix and record your best performances and takes in a single touch. Experiment with the hundreds of FREE loops included with Stagelight 2.0, or import your own custom sounds for a unique mix of different styles and genres. It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning to make music, a seasoned DJ or a professional music producer, LoopBuilder delivers the fun and excitement required for all types of music creation and performance. LoopBuilder, however, is just one of many new feature enhancements found in Stagelight 2.0.

Another enhancement is the new Electro Instrument Series, which provides a whole new range of new sounds to be inspired by. Do you want a hard rock sound for your guitar solo? How about some heavy rap beats for the hip-hop track you’re putting work on? The Electro Instrument Series gives you the melodic sounds of the universe.

Also, well-known and trusted Stagelight features, like our native FX, are still around for 2.0 and are better than ever. The native FX, when combined with LoopBuilder and the Electro Series, can give you almost unlimited options. If that’s not enough, Key Lock, the piano that can’t play wrong notes, is also still around to be used in Stagelight 2.0 melodies.

Stagelight 2.0 image from Open Labs

There’s still another major introduction to make. Meet the Stagelight in-app store, where creatives will find loops, exclusive bundles and other advanced features that can be added to a Stagelight library at an incredibly low price. There’s so much to try out and look over; Stagelight’s in-app store gives you the power to find the world-class sounds and features you want, when you want them. All this without ever having to leave the app. The store is also where you will find the much-lauded exclusive content from Open Labs partners Timbaland and Linkin Park.

And feel free to take a music lesson with the updated and improved SongBuilder2. Explore new genres and approaches outside of your comfort zone with Stagelight 2.0′s advanced tutorials. Once you’ve purchased your in-app store sounds/loops, created a melody with the Electro Instrument Series and arranged your creation with Key Lock, native FX and LoopBuilder, you’ll be happy SongBuilder2 was there at the beginning to guide the way. And when you’ve put those final tweaks and polishes on the song, share your new creation with followers, friends and family by using Stagelight’s one-touch publishing to the cloud/SoundCloud.

Additionally, Stagelight 2.0’s streamlined interface and optimized, touch-friendly editing suite provides an even more intuitive touch screen experience than ever before.

All of these listed enhancements for Stagelight 2.0 come with a smaller footprint, faster load time and added performance. Stagelight’s ease of use, cutting-edge functionality and low price has allowed Open Labs to capture customers in more than 120 countries worldwide and has unlocked countless possibilities for musicians, creators and educators alike.  With version 2.0, Stagelight is now the most desirable music creation app available for mobile and desktop PCs.

One more thing: there is a special, secret “Easter Egg” hidden somewhere in the in app. Keep an eye on our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, and WordPress – for upcoming hints on where it is. The musician who first finds the Easter Egg will receive one FREE copy of all Stagelight 2.0 sound packs.

Open Labs Easter Egg image

Also, check out some 2.0 sounds on our SoundCloud page:  Musicians can get an even better sense of what the app can do from these songs.

Stagelight is the Easy Way To Create Music. And it just got easier. If you haven’t already, download your copy today for only $9.99.

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LoopBuilder is one of the many new features available in Stagelight 2.0. This loop-style production feature allows you to mix, mash up and record the best performances and takes in a single touch.

Let us know what you’ve been doing with LoopBuilder in Stagelight 2.0 by tagging @open_labs in your posts on Instagram

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Stagelight, the music creation software for the rest of us, adds more sweeteners